Testimonial: Bill C.

I came to Dr. Flint five months after having my Prostate removed. During the surgery I had complications that required my catheter being left in for over a month. This extended length of time resulted in little control over my bladder and damage to my bladder muscle.  My doctor recommended that I go to Dr. Flint at the Flint Center for Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy.

I began the Pelvic Floor PT six months after my surgery.  When I began I was wearing depends and had no control over my bladder.  The office is very inviting and all the staff is friendly and they greet you at each visit. The weekly PT Pelvic Floor treatments were administered by Dr. Flint herself who is very knowledgeable, professional, attentive and made each treatment comfortable.  She explained the outcome and performance scores at each visit that encouraged me to continue and to fully understand the importance of treatments.  My treatments have come to an end “I graduated” and no longer have to depend on “depends”.

I highly recommend the Flint Center for your Physical Therapy needs.  They provide other services not just Pelvic Floor.

Thank you to Dr. Flint, and all the staff.  Much appreciated.

Bill. C

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