A Word Of Caution On Vaginal Mesh

I’m sure we have all heard about transvaginal mesh procedure. This procedure involves placing foreign object similar to a screen on a window that suspends and supports the bladder so you don’t have lack of urinary control. If you or your loved ones are considering this procedure please get a second opinion and realize that there is a national class action suit with relation to these procedures. We find that many of the patients come out of these with unresolvable pain. It should be noted that corrective surgeries are available but not always successful.

To correct urinary incontinence there are many non-surgical alternatives. One is medication, one is pelvic floor therapy and your final option should be surgery.

What is Pelvic Floor Therapy? It is a treatment given by a physical therapist consisting of therapeutic exercise electrical stimulation bio-feedback and/or neuro-muscular re-education. It is geared to improve pelvic muscle strength for urinary and/or fecal control. We use an EMG machine that not only gives us feedback on the current state of the muscles, but provides gentle electrical stimulation to improve the functions of the muscles. We work to re-train the muscles; the technical term is neuro-muscular re-education.

What can I expect during my visit? The appointments last between 30 minutes to one and a half hour. The length of therapy varies greatly between each person and that is something we will discuss as time progresses.

The process involves insertion of a probe into the vaginal canal for women or the rectal canal for men that will connect to the EMG machine. This is all done in a private comfortable room. The procedure is not described as painful.

100% improvement is not a guarantee, however if a patent can be improved from 20% to 80% without the need for surgery THAT is an incredible improvement!

Please consider Specialty Physical Therapy for your continuing care if you are experiencing urinary or fecal control issues or pelvic pain.

Please call to book your consultation and first appointment today! (843)651-7513

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